Research Interests
  * Complimentarity of AdS/CFT correspondence
     and Rabdall-Sundrum pictures
  * Propagations of gravity, gravivector, and graviscalar in the  
     Randall-Sundrum brane world scenarios.
  * Localization problem in the Randall-Sundrum brane world scenarios.
  * Stability of black hole, black string, black cigar in
    the Randall-Sundrum brane world scenarios.
  * Greybody factor calculations in non-commutative D3-brane
    on the supergravity side.
  * Absorption cross section of 5D black holes in type IIB string theory.
  * Connection between BTZ black hole and 3D black string.
  * AdS_3/CFT_2 correspondence for the entropy and greybody factor.
  * LCFT and singlet representations.
  * Brane world and mirage cosmology
  * Giant Graviton pictures