1. Yunsoo Myung(Y.S. Myung)


     Department of Physics, Graduate School

     Inje University, Kimhae 621-749, Republic of Korea

     Email: ysmyung@physics.inje.ac.kr    http://myung.inje.ac.kr


2. Birth Place: Sinan-gun, Chonnam, Korea ;  Birth Date:  9 October 1959.


3. Education(M.S. in Statistical Physics; Ph.D. in Particle Physics)

   Ph. D.(Physics) : Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), Taejon, Korea, 1987

   M.S.  (Physics) : KAIST, Taejon, Korea, 1983

   B.S.   (Physics) : Sogang University, Seoul, 1981


4. Professional Experiences

   Research  Associate : Sogang University (03/1983-02/1985)

   Research  Associate : KAIST (03/1985-02/1987)

   Assistant   Professor : Pohang University of Science and Technology (03/1987-08/1989)

   Guest        Scholar    : Kyoto University, Reseach Institute for Mathematical Sciences


   Assistant   Professor : Inje  University (09/1989-03/1992)  

   Assosiate  Professor : Inje  University (04/1992-03/1999)

                    Professor : Inje  University (04/1999-present)


5. Honors, Academic services and Scientific Activities

    * Academic Honor:  First person that has gotten Ph. D. from KAIST only for two-years


    * Academic Services: Director of the Office and Planning and Communication

                                       Inje Univ.(03/1997-02/1998)

    * Academic Services: Director of the University's Institute of Desktop Publishing

                                       Inje Univ.(09/1990-02/1997)

    * Scientific Activities:  A referee for Physical Review D as a Ph. D. candidate (1985)

    * Scientific Activities:  Annual Referee for Classical and Quantum Gravity(05/1997-present)

    * Scientific Activities: Associate Member in Korea Institute of  Advanced Study(1999-present)

    *Total number of Publication :94 (73 in scientific journals) from SPIRES HEP DATABASE